New books by DAA member Drew Jamieson

Some of our members may be familiar with DAA member Drew Jamieson from encounters with him on the Devon or from reading some of his work in the likes of The Scotsman (where he has been their angling correspondent), Trout and Salmon, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, Trout Fisherman and the Atlantic Salmon Journal.  He was responsible for an extremely professional rebuttal of CEMEX proposal for sand & gravel extraction in Glenquey which helped inform the refusal of planning permission by Perth & Kinross Council. From 1979 until 2000 he was responsible for the trout reservoirs of Lothian Regional Council and the fisheries of East of Scotland Water, across the south and east of Scotland. He has also served on the Secretary of State’s Consultative Committee of Freshwater Fisheries, been Honorary Secretary of the Scottish Angler’s National Association (SANA)  and a Fellow of the Institute of Fisheries Management (of which he was chair of the Scottish Branch for a number of years.)

He has just released a series of independently published books (which feature various references to the River Devon) available through Amazon which I suspect will be of great interest to River Devon anglers!

















































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