Pre-season update

Its Saturday 23rd of February, with only 20 days to the start of the 2019 Season and in stark contrast to this time last year it feels like spring is just around the corner …….. no doubt by the time March 15th comes around Glenquey will be frozen and the banks will be wreathed in snow!

So what’s new?

Permits are back from the printers and are being distributed to our outlets:

Please note the modest in prices for permits (details in the link above)

There are two important changes to the DAA rules:

  1. Fishing either side at Dollar Weir will not be permitted – traditionally we did not permit fishing either side of the weir during September and October. The Forth District Salmon Board are now enforcing the regulations and we are required not to allow fishing at anytime. The old yellow marker posts will be repainted and the FDSB will be setting notices to this effect. Notices will also be erected at Cambus, so we will be interested to see how that is enforced!
  2. Salmon fishing effort to be reported – The mandatory salmon return required by the DAA for salmon anglers now not only requires a record of all fish caught and returned, but also a record of the effort put into endeavouring to catch salmon. You are now required to keep a record of the numbers of days spent on the river endeavouring to catch a salmon (even if you are on the river for an hour count that as a day). This will allow Marine Scotland to review not only the number of fish caught but also how much effort it took to catch those fish.

Members of the DAA committee assisted the Forth Rivers Trust as they began their ‘Fish in the Classroom’ programme at Tillicoultry Primary School. Once again we thank EPIC [Enabling Projects in Clackmannanshire] for funding and supporting the DAA with this important opportunity to engage with young people about the wonders of the freshwater habitat on their doorsteps. Some may become anglers but hopefully all will begin to understand the importance of protecting rivers and burns.

Work is ongoing with local landowners to address the continuing problems of cattle encroachment on the river below Dollar. The work parties are gearing up for their annual campaign of clearing the winter’s toll on bankside trees before the endless toil of clearing paths begins.

The work parties are planning a campaign of clearance in the ‘Devon Gorge’ between Muckhart Mill and the Cauldron Linn. This is one of the remotest parts of our fishery, best suited for a full days exploration with a rod. Access takes (a lot of) effort, access/egress to the river can be difficult but on the right day the fishing can be superb. The plan is to clear fallen lumber only ……. it will remain a proper expedition to fish here!

Best of luck for new season to our members and visitors …………. and please share your experiences with us!

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