2019 season ………. only 2 more sleeps away :-)

The 2019 season will start on the River Devon and at Glenquey on Friday 15th March ………. though judging by the current state of the river and the forecast rain for tonight, the river is likely still to be thinning out from another spate on the opening day (then Saturday is forecast to be absolutely Baltic).  Despite the forecasts, I am sure that some of our keener enthusiasts will be out on the river this Friday and Saturday and Glenquey will get its first casts on Friday. In the last update we were in the middle of the wee ‘fake spring’ burst of warmth, where fish were seen rising on the river and at Glenquey. I expect that this burst of wet weather will recharge all the reservoirs and groundwater levels ……..  which normally leads to good spring trout fishing on the river once temperatures (air and water) rise.

In the meantime the work parties have been busy!

Clearing falling lumber from the Devon at the Haugh

Spreading Type 1 to improve the parking facilities at Glenquey

The work party is manned by volunteers who are out on DAA waters most Wednesdays of the year doing what they can to improve access for anglers, make sure fish can reach their spawning grounds and clearing fallen lumber and maintaining paths/stiles/bridges/fences/etc. If you are interested in getting involved then please get in touch; see https://devonanglingassociation.org.uk/about-3/contact/ for contact details

Good luck to all our members and visitors for the 2019 season!









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1 Response to 2019 season ………. only 2 more sleeps away :-)

  1. Alan Graham says:

    Cast’s tied reels oiled all gear packed raring to go

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