First 2019 season update

Apologies for the silence on the website, the DAA website is run from a PC at the end of the unclassified road at the far end of the Information Super Highway …….. finally after four weeks we finally have connections reaching the dizzying speeds of 1.4 Mb/s. Me thinks it is time for the UK and Scottish Governments to deliver there promises of universal access to high speed broadband to rural Scotland!

A totally wacky start to the 2019 season ……………. the season opening days were greeted with snow and ice; followed by prolonged drought. Castlehill Reservoir is already 2.0m or so below the dam, which doesn’t bode well for the summer. The river is already bare bones, and fish for the most of the day aren’t actively feeding at the surface. That said there are several reports of decent fish being caught. A couple of week ago I met a young lad trotting maggots with a float using  a centre pin reel who had caught several fish in 1lb to 1.5lb range ……… fascinating technique and casting with the centre pin reel is a real art!

Pretty much from the start of the season Glenquey has been fishing really well. In the first week of the season quite a few anglers were reporting catching 3 or 4 reasonable fish on avisits (Chris Ward posted photos on Facebook of a couple of cracker he had caught in the first week or so). Lots of positive comments about the work done by work parties on the north bank

The settlement of our legal action against Scottish Water following the Glendevon Water Treatment Works pollution incident in 2011 is now complete. Our thanks extend to our friends at Fish Legal and their lawyers for their amazing support in recovering an appropriate level of compensation from Scottish Water. We must remain vigilant and we can thank our member Graham Burns who having witnessed the discharge of effluent from Dollar Sewage Works had the sense to immediately report it to SEPA.

If you see anything suspicious being discharged to the river, please immediately inform SEPA using their pollution hotline number on 0800 807060 [the number is on your permit, please record the incident number and send details to the DAA at the earliest opportunity]

In other business the DAA are working with the landowner and their tenant looking at means of restricting cattle poaching of banks in the vicinity of Taits Tomb. Work  parties are bracing themselves for the new season of mowing and striming.

Please also note that due to the enforcement of regulations, the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board fishing between the yellow marker poles at Dollar weir is no longer permitted at any time of the season. Signs to this effect should be erected by the Board soon.

Time for your collective rain dances!



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1 Response to First 2019 season update

  1. scott macher says:

    Wish we could have signs for no dogs in the river…lost count how many times I’ve had pools ruined aboutvto fish

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