Tiger Trout (or for that matter Rainbow or Blue trout)

The Forth District Salmon Board posted the following on Facebook earlier this week:

Reports of tiger trout being caught in the River Forth is something that crops up from time to time and generally the fish is killed and nothing more is done. Because of this, often it is not possible to know whether this is a one off issue or part of a larger escape. These fish can cause substantial damage to the native fish populations and can compete for food along with predate juvenile native salmonids.

We have recently received reports of tiger trout being caught low down on the River Forth. Thank you to the angler who reported this to us and we have reported this to the Fish Health Inspectorate.

All escaped farmed fish should be reported to the Fish Health Inspectorate in Aberdeen – 01224 295525. All fish farms have a duty to report any escapees. All reports are available to view – http://aquaculture.scotland.gov.uk/data/fish_escapes.aspx.

There is of course a bit of a distinction between what might be a one off single escapee and a larger incident. The FHI will follow up any reports and are particularly looking for a pattern of reports indicating an issue or of course a large release of farmed fish found. The fishery or fish farm would not necessarily be aware of the escape so its important that they are contacted to make repairs or changes if there is a problem.

If you catch or see an escapee please report it to FHI and/or let the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board know by messaging this page or email board@forthdsfb.org and we’ll follow it up. Picture and location as well would be helpful.

They shouldn’t be there and its difficult enough for our native fish without this type of competition.

If you catch a non native fish such as a tiger, rainbow, blue trout etc in a river around the Forth District please remove it from the river, report it to the Board and/or the Fish Health Inspectorate. If these catches are left unreported, the problem may persist when it could be dealt with.

Again, thank you to the angler who reported this in. Anglers are the eyes and ears on the river and by reporting issues like this to the Board, we can try to keep track of the situation and highlight it to the relevant authorities.

The Devon Angling Association whole heartedly agree. If  you catch a Rainbow, Blue or Tiger Trout please remove and report it to the Board and Fish Health Inspectorate. Escapee Rainbow Trout from Crook of Devon used to be a problem but even still an occasional Rainbow appears in the upper river flushed out of Castlehill.



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1 Response to Tiger Trout (or for that matter Rainbow or Blue trout)

  1. Cailean Moore says:

    We catch rainbows every season at Larbert on the Carron and I had a 3lb stocked brown from the Carron Glen. Tiger trout are caught in the tidal water. There is only one place they can be coming from, and I’m not going to publicly name the fishery, but it’s an annual occurrence. I’ve also spoken with the Forth board on their Facebook post that they made about this.

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