September 2019 update – Part 2 – Work Parties

A separate post setting out some of the work done recently by our dedicated Wednesday work party team!

Our small group of volunteers head out onto the river and Glenquey most Wednesday’s to undertake works to improve the fishery, improve access and ensure that spawning fish can pass upstream to their traditional spawning grounds.

Just now the work parties have been working methodically up the river ensuring that passage can be made up the burns (for example making sure a channel is maintained at the confluence of the Tillicoultry Burn and river and clearing children’s dams from the Glendy Burn at Dunning Glen).

Over recent months quite apart from the endless strimming to maintain footpaths along the river and at Glenquey, the work parties have been busy making improvements for access including installing steps, building stiles etc.

Footpath improvements at Black Bridge


New sprung gate being built

Finished product

New footbridge over deep ditch

After every major weather event most of the popular stretches of the river are checked for falling lumber and cleared at the earliest opportunity

On top of these project they have been working with local landowners to deal with the increasing menace of fly tipping at key parking locations. The work parties has have to deal with the menace of blatant and inexcusable littering particularly at the height of the summer

These guys do a fabulous job for the association and the local community.

If you are interested in helping out or perhaps are able to give an occasional sunday morning please get in touch. The average age of our work parties are now well in excess of 70 and we really do need some (literally) young blood!







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