Fish in the classroom – Forth River Trust Crowdfunder

The Devon Angling Association has for a number of years supported the Forth Rivers Trust ‘Fish in the Classroom’ programme financially and practically. In 2020 we will once again support a primary school within the Devon’s catchment.

To quote the FRT:

Fish in the Classroom is an interactive way for children to learn about rivers and river wildlife, brown trout in particular. The project runs yearly from January to March when the Trust engages with schools across the Forth to provide an interactive learning experience.

Fish in the Classroom consists of the Trust carrying out an interactive presentation to the class introducing them to rivers, the issues they face and the wildlife that use them. During the presentation, staff will introduce the children to the brown trout providing information for the lifecycle of a brown trout.

As well as the presentation, the class will receive a fish tank and brown trout eggs. The class will then get to watch the progress of the brown trout as it develops from an egg to a fry (baby fish). As the brown trout develops, the children will need to fill out the workbook provided tracking their progress to determine when they need to be released. The children will also need to keep the tank cold by placing frozen water bottles into the tank.

Once the eggs have hatched and turned into fish, the Trust will return and accompany the class to their local river where the fish will be released. Whilst at the river, an invertebrate kick sample will be carried out to identify other wildlife within the river, providing an outdoor learning experience.

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The Trust have unfortunately lost a principal funder who has supported the scheme for a number of years; they are therefore seeking support from other funders and the greater fishing community via crowdfunder appeal

If you would like to support this great scheme please donate here

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