Pre-2020 season roundup

It doesn’t really feel like it but the 2020 season is only four weeks off !

The river has once again seen a series of massive spates. Storm Dennis contribution resulted in the river peaking at the SEPA gauge downstream of Castlehill Reservoir at 6.45pm at 1.982m only 11cm short of the record at this gauge set in similar circumstances in January 2011 (heavy rain and significant snow melt).

By Sunday, the upper river was running pretty mucky normally a sign of a landslip into the Glendey Burn (alongside the Dunning Road) but it transpires that the silt came from the other side of the reservoir where there had been some significant erosion and transport of gravel.

Looking ahead to the new season:

  1. Permits – Permits are with the printers and should be with the outlets by the end of the month. Permit prices remained unchanged from the 2019 season. Unfortunately we won’t have an outlet in Kinross this year, but anglers from the ‘Shire’ can still pick up permits locally at Monas (Muckhart) and the two Inns at Crook of Devon and Pool of Muckhart.
  2. Fish in the Classroom – Alan Armstrong and Bryan Anderson of the DAA assisted Forth Rivers Trust with our local ‘Fish in the Classroom’ school, Muckhart Primary School. Quite apart from supporting the FRT we have once again part funded the school (including a very generous donation from member Ken Hills ) and FRT secured matching funding. Bryan and Alan really enjoyed interacting with the kids and were blown away (and exhausted) by the pupils enthusiasm. Their trout will probably be released into the Hole Burn not far from the school (which holds a resident population of trout which nowadays are extremely rarely troubled by anglers)
  3. Invertebrate Surveys -routine sampling at a number of key locations is being undertaken by members of the committee at key locations. This information will be fed into a SEPA database to be used to monitor the general health of the river and identify potential problems early
  4. Tree Planting – Thanks to Kenny Macaulay we have secured a large number of tree whips from the Woodland Trust. We have secured permission from a local landowner on the Fossoway beat to plant copses adjacent to the river. These will be protected from grazing, will provide cover for juvenile trout and an improvement to the riparian habitat (without impact significantly on fishing). It is intendend to undertake the planting in the Spring 2020. Our intention is to undertake a major weekend work party …… so look out for news on the website as we will need as many volunteers as we can muster!!!
  5. Programme of works on the River – For the 2020 season the DAA has a major programme of works planned for general improvements to the river environment. Details to follow shortly on a separate post

This season Kenny Macaulay has joined the committee and he has volunteered to join Jim and Alan as a bailiff on the River. Kenny fishes generally on the top of the river; he has done incredible working clearing up after the wild campers in Dunning Glen but just importantly has spent a lot of time encouraging wild campers to tidy up after themselves and behave responsibly

Lastly the DAA extends its thanks to Ian Allan who retired from the committee at the end of 2019 season. Ian had been on the committee literally for decades and was very much the DAA ‘go to guy’ for bridges, stiles and any sort of woodwork. An absolute gentleman! The DAA extends its thanks for the huge contribution Ian has made to the Devon Angling Association and best wishes for the future!


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2 Responses to Pre-2020 season roundup

  1. Graham Halliday says:

    I walked the river today 28.2.20 from Taits tomb up to the Black Iron bridge. There are serious changes to the route of the river and many pools are gone or moved. These recent spates have done their worst – perhaps some new pools may turn out to be crackers though !
    To whom it may concern, I spotted one of the clubs wooden footbridges with wire mesh on lying in the corner of the field among the detritus at the North end of the Bailey Bridge. It looked to be in good condition and whole. Perhaps someone with a trailer or pickup could rescue it and put it back ! It obviously crossed one of the many small burns or drains which run into the river.

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