Corvid-19 update – Scottish Government opens up restricted angling from May 28th 2020

The Devon Angling Association note the guidance provided by the Scottish Government’s  document ‘COVID-19 – Framework for Decision Making – Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis’ published on 21st May 2020.  On the basis the Scottish Government are planning to allow angling providing that anglers adhere to the well-established social distancing measures and are only active in their ‘local area’ which is defined as being broadly within 5 miles of your own community; then fishing on the River Devon will be permitted from Thursday 28th May 2020. It will be the responsibility of individual anglers to justify to FDSFB Bailiffs , Police Scotland and their own consciousness  that they have only travelled by car, broadly, within 5 miles of your own community.

In line with the guidance provided limiting travel by car to, broadly, within 5 miles of your own community it is not possible at this time to permit angling at Glenquey to commence until the Scottish Government announce that Phase 3 of their route map has been reached and we have the permission of our landlord Scottish Water to reopen the Glenquay for angling. We will continue to work really hard to accelerate the reopening of Glenquay at the earliest opportunity.

Bryan Anderson (DAA President) has been very busy lobbying the Scottish Government and our local MPs/MSPs on our behalf, to encourage the opening up angling on our waters for the well-established benefits of exercise and mental benefits that our wonderful sport provides. We will continue to review the situation and seek advice from the Scottish Government, MPs, MSPs, Forth Rivers Trust,  Forth District Salmon Fishery Board, Angling Trust, SANA etc. for greater clarity on the Scottish Government’s  route map regards angling.

We hope that our members respect the requirement to travel broadly no more than  5 miles of your own community, the requirements for social distancing and that until the 28th May our fishery remains closed. We know that to date, a few selfish individuals have chosen to ignore the restrictions on angling on the Devon, but the DAA are really proud that the vast majority of our members have behaved so responsibly during the shutdown. Now is a great opportunity for angling to demonstrate that in grasping the opportunity to get angling again, we can provide an example of an activity that  can be undertaken responsibly with minimal Covid-19 risks.



Tight lines for  the remainder of the 2020 season

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5 Responses to Corvid-19 update – Scottish Government opens up restricted angling from May 28th 2020

  1. archieferguson says:

    I have consulted with the SANA and ASL leaders and we agree that the five-mile restriction is a guideline and not set in stone. We would advise travelling to your local fishery first and foremost until further notice, and do pass it to reach fisheries farther away.

    We would also advise staying away from popular parking areas used by other people enjoying the river and outdoors.

    Follow the advice of fishery staff and land managers.

    We will be publishing further advice in the press as the week progresses and we gather more information; meanwhile, respect other users and stay safe.

    Archie Ferguson SANA vice president.

  2. I have consulted with the SANA and ASL leadership and we agree the five mile rule is a guideline, and is not set in stone. We would advise common sense by only travelling to your local water first and foremost, until advised otherwise… do not bypass it to travel to other fisheries farther away.

    We would also suggest avoiding busy entry points to your chosen river or water, where other river users are likely to be if at all possible.

    Respect other river user and follow rules set out by land managers and fishery staff.

    We will put out further press releases as the week progresses and updates on our website.

    Stay safe and tight lines.

    Archie Ferguson SANA vice president

  3. Chris Dawson says:

    The statement from Nicola on 22nd May clearly states the 5 Mile is a guidance only not a restriction so I’m not sure as to why you saying you must live within the 5 Mile of the river. And how is the rest of fisheries able to open up but you can’t open up Glen quey?
    Chris Dawson

  4. Christopher ward says:

    Thank you for this welcome news and to Bryan Anderson for his efforts on our behalf. Im so pleased we can go fishing again however Im confused why the 5 mile radius rule is being used as a rational for not opening Glenquey. I understand that the permission of scottish water is required and that makes sense . Surely if scottish water give the go ahead then if you live within 5 miles you can fish it and if you don’t live within 5 miles then you can’t fish it. Its the same for every bit of water.Maybe I’m missing the point here.

    • Gary Gormley says:

      Yes we’re all glad we can get out to cast a fly and I think the the Scot gov 5 mile radius was only a rough guideline especially when I see the Frandy a couple of miles up the road reopening on the 29th according to their Facebook page, I don’t see the rationale. Anyway tight lines to all and awe the best when it happens. Yours Gary Gormley

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