Corvid-19 update #1A – Scottish Government plans to open up restricted angling from May 28th 2020

UPDATE 26th May 2020

This update is intended to inform members of the some of the advice provided by Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board, SANA & Angling Scotland. It will be in two parts, firstly an update on progress/understanding of the journey to restarting fishing and secondly a summary of advice on social distancing.

The Scottish Government announced last week that on completion of the ‘End of phase’ review on Thursday 28th May, the Scottish Government will move forward to Phase 1 of the ‘COVID-19 – Framework for Decision Making’. This will allow angling providing that anglers adhere to the well-established social distancing measures and are only active in their ‘local area’ which is defined as being broadly within 5 miles of your own community. Subject to confirmation on Thursday 28th May fishing on the River Devon will be permitted in accordance with the time-frame or other conditions contained in that announcement. Please observe any stated start dates for fishing contained in the announcement. It is likely that the official first date for fishing will be now Friday 29th May

It will be the responsibility of individual anglers to justify to Police Scotland and their own consciousness  that they have only travelled by car, broadly, within 5 miles of your own community.

We are very aware that a large numbers of members are anxious to get up to Glenquey, and we will endeavor to get Glenquey open for fishing at the earliest moment, however Glenquey will remain closed to fishing for the moment.

The first hurdle in getting Glenquey open is we need the permission and authorisation of Scottish Water. We have been in touch with Scottish Water’s land agents, they have informed us that they have not been permitting the reopening of reservoirs and will be waiting to at least the end of the week before considering issuing permission. We are still unclear as to the implication of the guidance provided limiting travel by car to, broadly, within 5 miles of your own community. We will continue to work really hard to accelerate the reopening of Glenquay before Phase 3 if it can be done in a responsible manner and in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines.

We reiterate our hope that members respect the requirement to travel broadly no more than  5 miles of your own community, the requirements for social distancing and that at least until the 28th May our fishery remains closed. We know that to date, a few selfish individuals have chosen to ignore the restrictions on angling on the Devon, but the DAA are really proud that the vast majority of our members have behaved so responsibly during the shutdown. Now is a great opportunity for angling to demonstrate that in grasping the opportunity to get angling again, we can provide an example of an activity that  can be undertaken responsibly with minimal Covid-19 risks.

Tight lines for  the remainder of the 2020 season

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1 Response to Corvid-19 update #1A – Scottish Government plans to open up restricted angling from May 28th 2020

  1. Cailean Moore says:

    Fishing is not allowed on the 28th. The announcement about the relaxation of restrictions is on the 28th, with fishing and other sports set to resume as soon as Friday. Please make this clear as I know of anglers going to turn up on the Devon on the 28th intead of the 29th.
    Other fisheries including the Carron remain closed until confirmation from the Scottish government.

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