Salmon and Sea Trout catch returns – reminder

It looks very much the weather is being kind to anglers and hopefully another couple of rises in the river will draw more fish into the river! With just about two weeks left of the Salmon season on the Devon, a polite reminder that Salmon and Sea Trout Catch Returns are mandatory.

Once again for the 2020 season, in line with requirements of Marine Scotland, please record:

  • For each month record the number of Salmon and/or Sea Trout caught separately, including NIL catches
  • For each month record the number of days fishing (part days count as one whole day)
  • A Catch Return form was issued with your permit but can also be downloaded from the website.

All catch returns must be received by November 20th, 2020. Paper copies can be sent directly to David Mudie (Hon Secretary)  @  19 Norwood Avenue, Alloa, FK10 2BY

The return can also be sent electronically via

Please ensure you include your name and membership number.

Regardless if you intend to renew for Salmon/Sea Trout permit, please return this season permit and save yourself the expenses of obtaining more passport photos!

Hopefully by the season end, we will be able to report on some decent fish being caught!


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