A DAA Wednesday work party

Alexander Rose sent in this splendid photo of a work party he encountered on the river recently:


[Left to right] Bob Wright, Alan Armstrong (Bailiff), Jim McGuire (Bailiff), Alan Graham, David Mudie (Hon Secretary) and Colin Smail 

On another day Alexander may have encountered any of the above and/or Bryan Anderson (President), Ian Allan, Gordon Forbes or Ronnie Breingan

These are the guys that turn out week after week throughout the year clearing spawning burns, clearing fallen lumber, strimming paths, cutting back Himalayan Balsam, repairing styles, opening the north shore of the Glenquey etc etc!



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3 Responses to A DAA Wednesday work party

  1. Stewart says:

    Hello, can you tell me who I contact to become a member of Devon Angling Association, or does this happen when you buy a season permit?

    I have never fished on the Devon and was looking for any advice or to meet up with like minded people when the season starts.


    • Graham says:

      Welcome Stewart

      Membership of the DAA comes with the purchase of an annual permit for one of local outlets which are listed here:


      This will entitle you to fish for Brown Trout on the Devon and get discounted tickets for Glenquey Reservoir

      If you wish to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout as well you need to contact the Honorary Secretary (details on the same page). All permit prices remain unchanged for the 2017 season.

      The best introduction to the Devon is park either side of Dollar where access to the river is relatively straightforward. There are a few spots which will get busy on summer Saturdays (particularly the easily accessed parts of the river such as Tait’s Tomb) but a short walk and you will probably find you have the river to yourself. There are some relatively remote bits of the river which require a decent hike and a huge range of waters (from slow moving meanders, rocky gorges, riffles etc) Fishes well generally from late April onwards and is great fly water (dry, nymphing or traditional flies) …….. personally I would never go down to the river without iron blue dun or greenwells glory patterns in the box but no one is the same.


      PS You should pose the same question on the homepage [comments box is away at the bottom of the page] and hopefully you will get some more advice!

      • Stewart says:

        Hi thank you for all that information, I will make sure I make some blue duns and greenwells glory patterns.

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