Glenquey catch returns – IMPORTANT

A gentle reminder for all anglers fishing at Glenquey; we really need your help to make sure that all catches are recorded on the permit and returned to the DAA. Knowing the numbers of fish caught, fish returned, fish taken and their general condition (and any other relevant information) is really important information which helps inform the management of this wonderful fishery.

A lot of you routinely complete your returns and the DAA are extremely grateful for your cooperation and assistance, but our goal is to get to as near to 100% returns as possible.

At the end of your session please fill out the return printed on your permit and return in the box provided. You will find this underneath the noticeboard on the path to the dam above the car park

Just lift the lid, post into the box and then close the lid.

Simple ………. but don’t forget to make sure you give your name and address. Completed catch returns returned to the box are entered into a monthly draw and one lucky angler receives a free permit!

If you have been unlucky enough to have a blank then please still complete the return anyway …….. you still have a chance in the draw to win another day 🙂



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